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1. BASIS Quality Forum Objectives:
BASIS starts is journey to establish Quality in Software organizational Environment persistently within 2012, limit to following key objectives.
  1. Create Capacity Building in software market through Process driven organization
  2. Build Confidence on IT people through skill Training
Parameters of achieving these objectives:
  • A reasonable number of organizations to be certified in Various Standard Model – CMMI ML3, ML5, ISO 9001, 2000, 2700
  • Arrange Workshop, Training, Seminars, Specialized handhold sessions , Discussion Forum [Internal, External]
  • Hire or recruits Consultant organizations
2. Quality Assurance and Benefits in Software Market
The over all Quality Practice improves to reduce wasted effort mean that the effort saved can be utilized on profitable work. The financial performance and productivity of the companies gets better and they are able to improve as a result of the investment in an effective quality control system.
Everyone involved in quality assurance including company owners, their staff, the IT profession as a whole and, most importantly, clients and the community. The benefits of effective quality control are summarized as follows:
2.1 Benefits of the Practice to the company are:
  • Clarification of what services a client expects the practice to provide
  • Reduction in loss of time due to re-work or ineffective and/or inefficient practices
  • Better communications structure
  • Higher repeat business/referrals from a satisfied client base
  • Problems are highlighted and resolved in an open manner
  • Increased confidence that controls are in place and the risk of error is reduced
  • Training for staff in performing their roles
  • Morale enhanced by having an effective, well-run practice
  • Acceptance by Clients t and the community of the concept of self-regulation of the accounting profession and its effectiveness.
2.2 Benefits to the Clients and the Community are:
  • Gets higher quality service;
  • By that they increased reliability of the end product
  • Gets ROI on IT investment
3. Quality assurance Initiative and Activities by BASIS
BASIS is having a separate working committee for Quality Practice and Certification, spearhead by 2 (two) directors an about 6(Six) core team members to guide BASIS board of directors to set goal for the organization to lead it’s members for Quality.
  • The core committee comes from companies in matures stage of quality practice under various standard model
  • They conduct various seminars and workshop to make the new and relatively small companies to be aware of the quality practice
  • To make the members aware of the certifications available and negotiate with the certification providers for better service and fees for the member companies that the members can be certified with a reasonable cost
  • Arrange key activities to focus on SPI-Software process improvement
4. Project Road Map Vision 2011 and 2012
BASIS always accept as true to plan ahead, keeping in mind to achieve project two initial objectives, mapped the following activity for Vision 2011 and 2012
  • Kickoff Vision 2011 and 2012
  • Create awareness and accelerate activity among BASIS members
  • Call for ToR to certification / Lead appraisal
  • Negotiate the process and deliverable
  • Let the companies having the deadline for re-appraisal by end of Dec 2011 , have the process begin
  • Call for EOI for the companies who wish to take the quality certification ( CMMI, ISO 2000 , 2700 ) by end of April’2011. Target 10 Organizations in CMMI ML 3 and 30 ISO Certified Organizations
  • Select about 10 companies for a possible sponsor / Partial sponsor
  • Collect fund from prospective donor supporter by Dec’2011 and Jan’2012
  • Execute and monitor project towards objectives
  • Project close and submit report to BASIS and Donor Organizations
5. QA segment by Training and Capacity Building
BASIS quality forum initially focus on two key objectives, hence the following capacity building area has identified for arranging Training:
a. Software process improvement Training – CMMI ver1.3 only for 2011
b. Project Management overview and specialized
c. Software and IT estimation
d. Risk Management Training
e. Quality Assurance and Quality Control Training
f. Business and Functional Analysis
g. Requirement Management Training
h. Appraisal Team Member Training
i. Six Sigma Training
j. Metrics and Quality Control Training
k. Process Automation tool training
The above training will help software practitioners to be more effective in their role as well as build capacity of playing as internal and local Appraiser or auditor, which leads to institutionalize BASIS and international quality, will give the opportunity to find out the area of improvement through audit report, root cause analysis and lesson learn. BASIS also part of the govt. to meet the target of Digital Bangladesh, by doing these types of awareness of quality process and automation of process to the IT people.
Target for Vision 2011 and 2012 – 100 Skilled resources with 200 Supporting resources for the above mentioned area.

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