BroTecs Technologies Limited
Company Name BroTecs Technologies Limited
BASIS Membership No. G367
Short Profile
At Brotecs we are working with technology that provides innovative product solutions for today's converged communication environments.

Brotecs develops and markets software based Voice and Video over Packet solutions for Emerging enterprise and carrier markets.

Our field-proven solutions allow customers to capitalize on the revenue-generating opportunities provided by the increased demand for next generation telecommunication services.

Brotecs has excellent industry proven expertise on Aviation/Satellite communication technology development and the device driver development.

Brotecs also offers other services such as Custom Software Development, Technology Consulting and Network Solutions for emerging service providers.

BroTecs has a vision that offers and delivers on the following promises:
1. Quality.
2. Cost-effective Services within Client Budgets.
3. Project Deliverables on Client Timelines.
4. Complete Customer Satisfaction.
Year of establishment February 2006
Address 28, Shahjalal Avenue, Sector-4, Uttara, Dhaka - 1230
Contact No. Phone: 8933139, 0175812324, 0197BROTECS Fax: 8933142
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Organizationís head in Bangladesh Nahid Hossain
Designation Managing Director & CTO
Mobile/Direct Phone +8801715812324
Legal Structure of the Company Private limited
International Presence
Country Canada
Company Name in that country BroTecs Technology
Phone +1 647 205 8943
Country USA
Company Name in that country BroTecs Technology, LLC
Phone +16024107728, +16023308845
Industry Expertise
Order of Expertise Industry Number of clients Remark
1st Expertise Telecommunications 35 Aviation Communication Solution, Unified Communication Solution, Class V Softswitch, IP PBX, Converged Application, IP Call Center
2nd Expertise E-commerce 12 PBX Enabled CRM
3rd Expertise Mobile/Handheld Applications 12 Call Back Application, Healthcare Application, Aviation Monitoring Application, Mobile CRM
4th Expertise Non-profit & Research 5 IP Telephony enabled Healthcare Solution, Electronic Agriculter Application, Smart Healthcare, Wireless Health Monitoring
5th Expertise Banking/Financial 3 Mobile POS Solution, Electronic Payment System
Language/ Tools
C#, XML, XHTML, VB, Scripts, Python, Perl/CGI, PHP, Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, Drupal, Joomla, Java, Javascript, JSP, Flex, Flash, DHTML, CSS, C/C++, Ajax, ASP, .NET, Objective C
MAC, Linux/Unix, Windows
Mobile Platform
Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Apple, Android, Palm OS
Product Information
Product Category Title Details Image File
Telecommunication Ground Communication Gateway (GCG) The Ground Communication Gateway (GCG) provides a comprehensive, powerful platform for delivering IP Telephony applications based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Skinny Call Control Protocol (SCCP). It offers call-control features to enable aviation industry to quickly and reliably deploy next generation packet-voice networks. The GCG platform allowing you to easily combine both FXO/FXS/E1/T1/ISDN circuits and Voice over IP (VoIP) connections in a single platform provides unmatched support, compatibility, expandability, and ease of use. The GCG system is modular in design, and system capacity can be incrementally increased as air transportation demands change. Image File
Telecommunication Airborne Communication Gateway (ACG) The Airborne Communication Gateway (ACG) provides in-flight telephone (voice) and data (wired and wireless) service consolidation to multiple simultaneous cabin space users. The ACG provides least cost routing services from one of four sources, including Iridium and multiple Satcom sources. The ACG is a complete cabin communications system, including voice and fax services, voice mail, conference bridges and wired and wired LAN (Internet) services. The ACG operates as an airborne data network router, telecommunication exchange device and communications gateway. The ACG?s data network routing function connects airborne users, via on-board networks or network equipment, with ground-based networks. In its role as a telecommunications exchange, the ACG furnishes bi-directionally-initiated (i.e., air-to-ground/ground-to-air) telephony services (e.g., voice, FAX, narrowband/baseband PC data) to multiple simultaneous cabin users over various air/ground bearer system links. This combination of information-interchange capabilities in the ACGpermits it to transfer voice and data messages not only amongst networked terminals aboard the aircraft, but between airborne and ground networks as well. Image File
Telecommunication Enterprise Unified Communication System (eUCS) Enterprise Unified Communications System (eUCS) is a plug and play, easy to use IP communications solution designed for enterprises with demanding needs. eUCS support industry first plug and play auto-provisioning of IP phones from the below vendors: Aastra, Snom, Polycom, Cisco, Mitel, Grandstream and Linksys. eUCS has productivity enabling end user functionalities such as Unified Mailbox, Mobile Bridging, Click to Call, CDR and Call Recordings delivered through a web user portal. eUCS solves a fundamental challenge facing small and medium-sized businesses which does not have proprietary vendor lock-in with endless fees and high capital expenses. Image File
Telecommunication Integrated Call Center (ICC) BroTecs Integrated Call Center (ICC) solution combines data and voice technologies to facilitate geographically separated multimedia customer interaction. This includes customer interactions originating from multiple diverse contact channels including IP voice, TDM voice etc. BroTecs ICC architecture provides a seamless migration path from legacy call-center infrastructure to the IP-empowered, multimedia contact center. BroTecs ICC is designed to fit and comply with major industry standard system for medium & large enterprise like financial institutions, telcos, ISPs etc. Image File
Billing Integrated Prepaid/Postpaid System (IPS) Comprehensive Billing System, IPS is a Software based full featured telecom platform providing converged services, with self contained billing (pre or post-paid), reporting and statistics for IP and TDM based voice networks. IPS is the single-box integrated Soft-Switch, IP PBX and VoIP billing engine which empowers service providers with all necessary tools to successfully implement a wide variety of business models. The product features advanced VoIP billing capabilities and TDM and VoIP termination to meet the needs of both emerging and established telecoms and service providers. With advanced VoIP prepaid, postpaid and wholesale billing capabilities, IPS enable providers to fine-tune their service offerings and capture the most lucrative market segments. Image File
Telecommunication X2Phone X2Phone is a browser-based telephony solution that offers a free, instant friend-to-friend voice communication. It is a platform independent, firewall friendly phone system that allows facebook/x2phone users to call their world wide facebook/x2phone friends instantly for FREE and without any blockage and hassle. X2Phone also guarantees low cost dialing to landlines and mobile phones around the world. It was never so easy calling your friends for free! No software installation required. Make free phone calls from anywhere in the world with just a web browser. Image File
Telecommunication SoftPhone on Stick (SoS) Open Standards based next generation SIP protocol based Soft-Phone. Simplified integration with SIP and other VoIP applications enable this soft client unique and user friendly. Brotecs soft phone supports Audio Codecs like - G.723, G.711, G.729, GSM, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Transfer, User Configurable Call Forward Number, Call Duration Timer and Echo Cancellation. It runs on WiFi, Cable, ASDL and Even Dial-Up Environments (28.8 kbps Modem or faster). It runs from USB stick and no installation required. Image File
CRM PBX-Enabled CRM (vCRM) PBX-Enabled CRM (vCRM) is web-based CRM software and mainly for small and medium businesses. PBX-Enabled CRM (vCRM) leverages the benefits of adding more value to the end users by providing many enterprise features, such as Sales Force Automation, Help Desk, Desk, Products, Vendors, Price Books, Sales Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Reports & Dashboards, Security Management, RSS, Product Customization, and others. PBX-Enabled CRM (vCRM) provides essential business productivity enhancement utilities for Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla/Thunderbird E-mail client, Microsoft Word and Customer Self Service Portal. These add-ons enhance the user experience with PBX-Enabled CRM (vCRM). Customer can use this vCRM as call campaign for product promotion. Image File
Outsourcing Custom Software Development We are a 'technology neutral' solution provider. We have developed and integrated solutions across a broad range of technologies. Our exposure to diverse technical and domain areas have equipped us to handle challenging development tasks. Some of our expertise are: Aviation Communication Product Design & Development Converged Networking Product Design & Development Voice/Data Communication Protocol development Mobile Application Design & Development Wireless Product Design & Development Cellular Gateway system integration & development Financial Transaction System Integration & Development Device Driver Design & Development PDA/Mobile Phone Software for Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Symbian OS WiFi Hot-Spot WISPr Software development Windows, Linux, Windows CE, Embedded Linux, Symbian, BlackBerry, Sun Solaris C, C++, Visual C++, Java, Microsoft .Net, Embedded Visual C++ (eVC), J2ME ASP, JSP, CGI / Perl, PHP HTML/DHTML, XML, VXML, WML, AJAX JavaScript, VBScript SIP, H323, SCCP, MGCP, IAX2, RTP, T1, E1, ISDN PRI/BRI, CEPT E1 (ARINC 746), SS7 SOAP, JMS, Java Mail, RMI, SSL Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL , SQL Lite WiFi, WiMAX, GPRS/EDGE, GSM/CDMA, VSAT, SatCom Femtocell, Picocell, UMA Image File
Export Information
Does this company export Yes
Percentage of revenue(last year) from export 90%
Country/s of export (last 3 years ) Singapore, El Salvador, United States of America, United Kingdom, Mexico, India, Canada
Is this a foreign JV Yes
Are you a captive center of a foreign organization No
Compliance Information
Name of the compliance/practices Certified by Certified since Valid until
ISO 9001:2008 90% Compliance
Partnering Information
Partner Name Partnership level Description
Cactus Aero, LLC. Product Development & Technology Partner
Aircell Business Aviation Services Product Development & Technical Consulting
Intel Corporation Software Development & Technology Partner
Satcom Direct, Inc. Product Development & Technical Consulting
Stitel Networks, LLC. Product Development & Technology Partner
Human resources Information
Total number of HR 39
IT Resources 31
Contact Person
Name Nahid Hossain
Designation Managing Director & CTO
Mobile +8801715812324