GreenSofts System Limited
Company Name GreenSofts System Limited
BASIS Membership No. G204
Short Profile
GreenSofts System is an innovative, fast growing information technology house working in the field of software development, Networking and data communication. Starting from its first contracts in 1996, GreenSofts System has proven to be a creative result-driven software developer. GreenSofts System has developed/developing integrated software system for local industrial and business concerns to monitor production and business paths, evaluate and analyze information to help make management decision ,increase productivity and efficiency. We help our customers achieve their business objectives by developing IT solutions that encompass our idea, key skills and technology partnerships.
GreenSofts ERP v10.0 for Feed Mill MIS, Hatchery ,Layer,Grand Parent,Flock MIS ,Feed Formulation, Poultry Lab , Sale Center and Marketing, Tea Estate /Factory,Cold Storage, Garments.Sweater , Knitting, Composite.
Year of establishment January 1996
Address House # 29, Road# 3, Sector # 13, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka - 1230
Contact No. Phone: 01713361930,01613361930
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Organizationís head in Bangladesh Sirajul Majid Mamun
Designation Managing Director
Mobile/Direct Phone 01713361930
Legal Structure of the Company Private limited
Industry Expertise
Order of Expertise Industry Number of clients Remark
1st Expertise Agriculture/Environment 12 Poultry, Feed Mill, Layer Farm, Tea Garden, Cold Storage etc.
2nd Expertise Manufacturing/Engineering 4
3rd Expertise Garments & Textile 3 Knitting, fabric inspection system, Sweater
4th Expertise Retail/Wholesale/Distribution 6
5th Expertise Real estate 2
Language/ Tools
C#, XML, XHTML, VB, Oracle, MySQL, Javascript, MS SQL, CSS, Ajax, ASP, .NET
Mobile Platform
Windows Mobile, Android
Software Developers Experience
Expertise Number of installations Some Clients
Accounting & Finance 18 Germania Corporation Ltd.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 6 Elite Paint, Electra International, BFC,Paragon, Mono, Index, Aleya, Meem
Human Resource Management 4 Paragon, Mono, Lion, National, Nahar, Provita
Supply Chain Management/ Inventory 10 Nahar
Marketing/ Sales Automation 10
Product Information
Product Category Title Details Image File
ERP GreenSofts ERP for Feed Mill/Poultry/Agro Based Industries. Complete ERP software for Feed Mill/Poultry/Agro Based Industries. Online version available.Currently used by 1 Paragon Poultry Ltd. 2 Usha Feed Ltd. 3. Jessore Feed Ltd. 4. Chittagong Feed Ltd 5. National feed Ltd. 6 Lion Feed Ltd. 7. Mono Feed Ltd 8. Aleya Feed Ltd, 9 Index Feed Ltd. 16. Hazi Nagar Tea Estate, 17. Rahmania Tea Estate, 18. Paragon Agro Ltd. (GP Project). 19 Aftab Bahumuki Farm 20 Nahar Agro Industries. etc. Image File
ERP GreenSofts ERP for Knitting Company

This Software is developed for Meem Knitting Ltd. They are using it last 4 Years. It keeps information of Knitting Order, Yarn Receive, Yarn Return, Lot/Batch Card generation, Production, QT, Delivery Chalan, Bill, Payment Receive, Commision, Claim Receive, Accounts, Store, M/C Inormation, HR, Attendance etc.

Image File
ERP GreenSofts ERP for Distribution Company. This Software is developed for Electra International Ltd. Last 7 years they are using this software. Electra (BD) Ltd., Inter Impex Ltd. also using this software. Image File
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) GreenSofts MIS for Fast Food Image File
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) GreenSofts ERP v10.0 for Furniture Industries Image File
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) GreenSofts Fabrics Inspection System Image File
IT Enabled Services (ITES)
Business Process Outsourcing - BPO
Human resources Information
Total number of HR 8
IT Resources 4
Contact Person
Name Sirajul Majid Mamun
Designation Managing Director
Mobile 01713361930
Company Profile