Color Clipping
Company Name Color Clipping
BASIS Membership No. A698
Year of establishment September 2015
Address 6/1, Road no. 3, Kallyanpur, Dhaka - 1207
Contact No. Phone: +880 29033330 Fax: +880 29033330
Company website
Other websites that belongs to the company
Organizationís head in Bangladesh Mohammad Zakir Hossain
Designation Chief Executive Officer
Mobile/Direct Phone +880 29033330
Legal Structure of the Company Proprietorship
Membership with other organization None
International Presence
Country UK
Country UK
Company Name in that country Color Clipping Ltd.
Phone +44 07507989044
Industry Expertise
Order of Expertise Industry Number of clients Remark
1st Expertise Outsourcing 50 N/A
2nd Expertise IT/ITES 10 N/A
3rd Expertise Outsourcing N/A N/A
4th Expertise IT/ITES N/A N/A
5th Expertise IT/ITES N/A N/A
Language/ Tools
Mobile Platform
Android, Apple
Service Information
Description of the service Target Industry Export/Local Scale of the proposed service Platform Marketing material attached
N/A Choose an item Choose an item N/A N/A Choose an item
Software Developers Experience
Expertise Number of installations Some Clients
Choose an item 0 N/A
Export Information
Does this company export Yes
Country/s of export (last 3 years ) United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, France, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, Brazil
Is this a foreign JV No
Are you a captive center of a foreign organization No
If yes Name of the organization N/A
Address of the organization N/A
Future market expansion (country) N/A
IT Enabled Services (ITES)
Graphic design
Compliance Information
Name of the compliance/practices Certified by Certified since Valid until
Choose an item
Partnering Information
Partner Name Partnership level Description
Human resources Information
Total number of HR 2
IT Resources 3
ITES resources 20
Contact Person
Name Saiful Islam Shimul
Designation VP (Post Production)
Mobile +880 1778954580
Company Profile