Company Name ERP COM BD
BASIS Membership No. G967
Year of establishment January 2013
Address 67/ka,Pisiculture Housing Society, Shamoly, Dhaka - 1207
Contact No. Phone: 01868982444 Fax: NA
Company website
Other websites that belongs to the company NA
Organizationís head in Bangladesh Md.Mhafuzur Rahman
Designation Chief Executive Officer
Mobile/Direct Phone 8801617224424
Legal Structure of the Company Proprietorship
Membership with other organization NA
International Presence
Country N/A
Country N/A
Company Name in that country N/A
Phone N/A
E-mail N/A
Industry Expertise
Order of Expertise Industry Number of clients Remark
1st Expertise Manufacturing/Engineering 12 N/A
2nd Expertise Retail/Wholesale/Distribution 7 N/A
3rd Expertise Real estate 4 N/A
4th Expertise Choose an item 6 N/A
5th Expertise Choose an item 3 N/A
Language/ Tools
Ajax, CSS, Flash, JSP, Java, MySQL, PHP, Python, VB, XML, C/C++, DHTML, Javascript, Joomla, MS SQL, Oracle, Scripts, XHTML, C#, Objective C, Ruby on Rails
Windows, MAC, Linux/Unix
Mobile Platform
Android, Windows Mobile
Service Information
Description of the service Target Industry Export/Local Scale of the proposed service Platform Marketing material attached
NA Choose an item Choose an item NA NA Choose an item
Software Developers Experience
Expertise Number of installations Some Clients
Choose an item 38 Sajeeb Group, Alin Foods Ltd, Farid Group, M Ahmed group, Aksid Corporation, Modhu City, Chemtreck.
IT Enabled Services (ITES)
Business Process Outsourcing - BPO, Knowledge Process Outsourcing - KPO, Document Process Outsourcing - DPO, Human Resources Outsourcing - HRO, Legal Process Outsourcing - LPO, Document Process Outsourcing - DPO, Procurement Process Outsourcing, Search Engine Optimization - SEO, Bundled ITO + BPO Outsourcing, Facilities Management Outsourcing - FMO, Engineering Services Outsourcing - ESO, Enterprise Content Management, CRM Outsourcing
Compliance Information
Name of the compliance/practices Certified by Certified since Valid until
Choose an item NA NA NA
Partnering Information
Partner Name Partnership level Description
Human resources Information
Total number of HR 25
IT Resources 15
ITES resources 5
Contact Person
Name Sharly Sharmin
Designation Sr. Business Analyst
Mobile 8801868982444
Company Profile