AutoSoft Systems Ltd.
Company Name AutoSoft Systems Ltd.
BASIS Membership No. G914
Year of establishment March 2011
Address 41/2, Purana Palton, Dhaka - 1000
Contact No. Phone: +8802 9346437 Fax: +8802 9346437
Company website
Other websites that belongs to the company
Organizationís head in Bangladesh Md. Rezaul Haque
Designation Managing Director
Mobile/Direct Phone +8801713721001
Legal Structure of the Company Private limited
Membership with other organization Not Applicable
International Presence
Country N/A
Country N/A
Company Name in that country N/A
Phone N/A
E-mail N/A
Industry Expertise
Order of Expertise Industry Number of clients Remark
1st Expertise Healthcare 15 N/A
2nd Expertise Manufacturing/Engineering 2 N/A
3rd Expertise Retail/Wholesale/Distribution 15 N/A
4th Expertise Government/Military-National/State/Local 1 N/A
Language/ Tools
VB, Scripts, Oracle, MS SQL, Javascript, CSS, C/C++, Ajax, ASP, .NET, XHTML, XML, C#, Objective C
Windows, Linux/Unix, MAC
Mobile Platform
Apple, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry
Service Information
Description of the service Target Industry Export/Local Scale of the proposed service Platform Marketing material attached
Software Maintenance & Service Healthcare Local High Windows No
Software Developers Experience
Expertise Number of installations Some Clients
Choose an item 1 PEB Steel Alliance Limited
Choose an item 10 Chattagram Metropolitan Hospital Limited, National Hospital Chattagram Limited
IT Enabled Services (ITES)
Document Process Outsourcing - DPO, Human Resources Outsourcing - HRO, Document Process Outsourcing - DPO, Knowledge Process Outsourcing - KPO, Business Process Outsourcing - BPO, Data entry, 2D, 3D Animations
Compliance Information
Name of the compliance/practices Certified by Certified since Valid until
Choose an item N/A N/A N/A
Partnering Information
Partner Name Partnership level Description
Human resources Information
Total number of HR 25
IT Resources 25
ITES resources 3
Contact Person
Name Md. Rezaul Haque
Designation Managing Director
Mobile 01713721001
Company Profile