Ping BD
Company Name Ping BD
BASIS Membership No. A511
Year of establishment January 1970
Address 17/4, CHAMELIBAG, SHANTINAGAR - 1217
Contact No. Phone: 88028313728 Fax: 88028313728
Company website
Other websites that belongs to the company
Organizationís head in Bangladesh MD. ABDUR RAHIM BHUIYAN
Designation PROPRIETOR
Mobile/Direct Phone 8808313728
Legal Structure of the Company Proprietorship
International Presence
Country ..
Country ..
Company Name in that country ..
Phone ..
FAX ..
E-mail ..
Industry Expertise
Order of Expertise Industry Number of clients Remark
1st Expertise E-commerce 4 Experties on E-commerce Based Website
2nd Expertise Banking/Financial 3 We are Developed ERP and Provident Fund Softwre and Banking Softwre
3rd Expertise Government/Military-National/State/Local 4 Savar Pourosova and Tarabo Porsova, Sirajganj Pourosava's Website Developed
4th Expertise Outsourcing 5 Shoppers Solutions, Jibon Bandhan Matrimonial Website Developed By Ping BD
Language/ Tools
.NET, Ajax, MySQL, PHP, XML, Javascript, Joomla, C#
Windows, Linux/Unix
Mobile Platform
Service Information
Description of the service Target Industry Export/Local Scale of the proposed service Platform Marketing material attached
Software Development, Web Development, Android Application Banking/Financial Both Good Linux No
Software Developers Experience
Expertise Number of installations Some Clients
Mobile Application 1 Sunaimuri AC Land Office
Web Services 90 Visitor Group, Odir BD, Three Angle Marine The Computers Ltd
E-Commerce 4 Shoppers Solutions, Esot BD
Accounting & Finance 2 First Finance , Bangladesh Commerce Bank, Crystal Insurance Ltd
Product Information
Product Category Title Details Image File
Accounting & Finance Easy Accounting Software

Accounting Software. This software use for Large industry and small business industry. This software has some features. Such as the following below:

Entry Options

1. Cash Reciept

2. Bank Reciept

3. Cash Payment

4. Bank Payment

5. Opeining Trial Balance

6. Chart of Accounts

7. Budget

Setup Options:

1. Company

2. Branch

3. City

4. Location

5. User Setup

6. Report Formatting

7. Fiscal Year

8. Menu Settings

9. Company Type

10 . Business Type


1. Bank Book & Cash Book

2. Ledger

3. Trial Balance

4. Income and Expenditure Account

5. Balance Sheet

6. Reciepts and Payments

7. User Log

8. Audit Trail

9. Cash Flow

10. Vital Signs

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Supply Chain Management/ Inventory Easy Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software is a very important for stock control and supply chain management. Small, medium and Large industry required their stock control. This software has some feture such as the following below:


1. Menu Settings

2. Report Settings

3. Mode of Transport


1. Individual Stock Report

2. All Stock Report

3. Stock at Minimum Level

4. Order and Recipt Report


1. Group Level-1

2. Group Level-2

3. Product Posting Level

4. Order / Requisation

5. Recived Note

6. Invoice Chalan/ Dalivary Note

7. Goods Return from Customer

8. Goods Return to Supplier

9. Customer Info

10. Supplier Info

Help & Support

1. Email & Ticket System




Image File
E-Commerce Easy Ecommerce Solutions

E-Commerce is a popular term in Softawre industry. Any thing can buy trough ecommerce site. We are developing customized ecommerce solutions. Which are very easy to understand and operate. This solutions is codeigniter based. We are use email gateway, Sms Gateway and Payment gateway for this Ecommerce Solutions. We are provide so many services in this software.

Our E-Commerce Softawre are device responsive and easy to understand. Features of the E-Commerce Solutions are the following Below:


1. User Account

2. User Activity

3. Email

4. Report Setup

5. User  Type

6. Division

7. City

8. Affiliate ID

Front Page Manager

1. Menu Manager

2. Logo Setup

3. Favicon Setup

4. Ticker

5. Social Media

6. Pages

7. Gallery

8. Video

9. Meta

Ecommerce Solutions

Customers Info

Customer Invoice





Coupon Code

Stock Management



Image File
Enterprise Content Management Web Content Management System

Web content management CMS. we are developing custom website. User can manage their website this content management. Any kinds of website can manage this website. User can manage following types of website through this Web based content management system, Such as Newspaper, Social website, University portal, railway locomative, food, airlines, real estate, finance and Banking website. This software has following features



1. User Account

2. User Activity

3. Email

4. Report Setup

5. User  Type

6. Division

7. City


Front Page Manager

1. Menu Manager

2. Logo Setup

3. Favicon Setup

4. Ticker

5. Social Media

6. Pages

7. Gallery

8. Video

9. Meta

Image File
Human Resource Management Provident Fund Software

Provident fund software manage employees contribution and employers contributions of any company. This software developed as a companies employee rules and regulations. Employees contribution and their interest.. Employees provident fund is a web based software. This software has the following features.

Entry Options

1. User Account

2. Employee Info

3. Nominee Info

4. General Voucher

5. Employees Contribution

6. Employers Contribution

7. Chart of Accounts

8. Ledger Statement

9. Trial Balance

10. Balance Sheet

11. Income & Cost

12. Payment & Reciept

13. Trial Balance Details


1. PF Own and Company Contribution

2. End For Contribution

3. Contribution Summery Report

4. Contribution (Member wise Report)

5. Member wise Report Details

Withhold Employee

1. Withold Employee

2. Forfeature Account

PF Loan

1. Loan Shedule

2. Loan Payment

3. Loan Report

4. Loan Payment Status

PF Investment

1. Investment Register

2. Investment Periodically

3. Encashment


1. Left Settings

2. Main Settings

3. Policy

4. Interest Policy

5. Roll Back

6. Zero Interest Setup


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Customer Relationship Management Resturant Management System

Resturant management software use for manage resturant. This software can Help resturant information.

Resturant Management Software has the following features.


Employee Info

Employee Salary

Product Stock In

Product Stock Out

Stock Info

Daily Stock Info

Selling Invoice

Purchase Report

Cost Type



Bank Info

Total Balance

Image File
Accounting & Finance Microcredit Software

Microcredit Software for small enterprise and small business. This software has so many features. This software create as per rules of Microcredit authority rules and regulations.

1. Account Holder Information

2. Account Holder Information

3.Cash Payment Voucher

4.Cash Reciept Voucher

5. Bank Payment Voucher

6. Bank Reciept Voucher

7. Loan Distribution

8. Loan Status

9. Loan Statement

10. Chart of Account

11. Fiscal Year

12. Ledger Statement

13. Trial Balance

14. Opening Balance

15. Balance Sheet

16. Savings Account

17. Savings Account Interest Setup

18. Loan Account Interest Setup

19. Menu Settings

20 Report Settings

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Other Applications School Management System

School management System use for manage school, college and university. This software use for manage any kind of school, college and university related information. This software has the following information.

1. Student 2. Teacher 3 . Parent 4. Class 5. Subject 6. Class Routine 7. Daily Attendance 8. Exam 9. Payment 10. Library 11. Transport Info 12. Dormatory 13. Notice Board 14. Settings 15. Accounts

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Export Information
Does this company export Yes
Country/s of export (last 3 years ) United States of America
Is this a foreign JV No
Are you a captive center of a foreign organization No
If yes Name of the organization ...
Address of the organization ...
WEB ...
Future market expansion (country) ...
IT Enabled Services (ITES)
Search Engine Optimization - SEO, Content provider (Mobile, WEB, Voice etc.), Document Process Outsourcing - DPO, Business Process Outsourcing - BPO
Compliance Information
Name of the compliance/practices Certified by Certified since Valid until
Choose an item .. .. ..
Partnering Information
Partner Name Partnership level Description
.. .. ..
Human resources Information
Total number of HR 6
IT Resources 5
Contact Person
Designation PROPRIETOR
Mobile 01979666696
Company Profile