3DEVs IT Ltd.
Company Name 3DEVs IT Ltd.
BASIS Membership No. A449
Short Profile
3-DEVs IT Ltd. is one of the best creative IT Companies in Bangladesh for developing any kind of website, software, graphic design and all kinds of IT solution. It proposes customer-leaning web-based software development services, website design & more extensively provides them successfully. Either you are a small company or in management of a large business, 3-DEVs IT Ltd. is always equipped to assist you to achieve an online maintenance which can send the best messages for you and for your customers.

Year of establishment May 2014
Address House:29, Road:09, Flat: 5B, Sector: 04, Uttara, Dhaka
City Dhaka
Postcode 1230
Contact No. Phone: +8801709297766 Fax: N/A
E-mail [email protected]
Company website www.3-devs.com
Other websites that belongs to the company N/A
Organization’s head in Bangladesh Md. Shahid Ullah
Designation Chairman
Mobile/Direct Phone N/A
Legal Structure of the Company Private limited
Membership with other organization N/A
Industry Expertise
Order of Expertise Industry Number of clients Remark
1st Expertise Education 10 N/A
2nd Expertise Publishing 3 N/A
3rd Expertise E-commerce 2 N/A
5th Expertise Garments & Textile 3 N/A
Language/ Tools
XML, XHTML, Scripts, Python, PHP, MySQL, Java, Javascript, CSS, C/C++, Ajax, ASP, .NET, C#
MAC, Linux/Unix, Windows
Mobile Platform
Windows Mobile, Apple, Android
Service Information
Description of the service Target Industry Export/Local Scale of the proposed service Platform Marketing material attached
Software Developers Experience
Expertise Number of installations Some Clients
POS 5 RS Pharma
E-Commerce 8 Foresee
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 3 IJC
Project Management 5 3DEVs IT Ltd.
Human Resource Management 5 Liberation
Product Information
Product Category Title Details Image File
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Access 2 School
In recent years, Access 2 School has moved away from being viewed as a school administration tool and developed into an integrated Management Information System (MIS) for managing school business processes and whole school improvement. It supports schools in responding to The Children's Plan by enabling them to view a more rounded picture of a child; SIMS has achieved this by moving away from a modular approach. web: http://access2school.com
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Enterprise Content Management Customized Content Management System (C-CMS) Image File
Web Services Website Design & Development

Detail: http://3-devs.com/Website-Design-Development

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Web Services Domain & Hosting

Detail: http://3-devs.com/Domain-Hosting

Image File
Project Management Project Manager

Detail: http://3-devs.com/Project-Manager

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Human Resource Management Opluse - The People Manager

Detail: http://3-devs.com/Opluse

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POS Access 2 Pos
Super shops may maintain paper based Business Process for items, Sales, Purchase and inventory. Generating reports has become a major problem area in the current manual Business Process. ...web: http://access2pos.com Demo: http://access2pos.com/demo/
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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) ERP Solution

A vast system with all the manageable aspects of your business, 3DEVs ERP solution is still light weight and powerful. Running on a webserver, accessible from anywhere with a computer and internet connection, 3DEVs ERP Solution will give you the complete control over your business on fingertips. web: http://3-devs.com/ERP-Solution

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Hospitality Management System (HMS)

In this management system, covers all kinds of hospitality Industry service like Hotel Management, Hospital Management, etc. In this ideal software solution for Hospitality Industry that can be used at hotels, motels, inns, resorts, lodges, hostel, military guest houses, ranch, suits, apartments, medical centers and beds, breakfast operations etc. web: http://3-devs.com/Hospitality-Management-System

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E-Commerce 3DEVs E-Commerce Solution

Fluid and responsive design, full customizable, unlimited product uploading with inventory management system, smart notification with live chat, user tracking, order management are the key features of 3DEVs E-Commerce Solution. web: http://3-devs.com/E-Commerce-website

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Training IT Training

To build freelancers to contribute to the national economy. web: http://3-devs.com/Training-Overview

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Office Management Office Management System (OMS)

Detail: http://3-devs.com/Office-Management-System

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Enterprise Content Management Manpower Management Software

Manpower business is now playing a vital role in our economy and prosperity. To contribute on such noble motive 3DEVs IT Ltd. has developed a wonderful software solution which will help you to keep track of all local and foreign agents, information about all labor(including passport, visa, medical etc. information), full recruitment process documentation through software along with accounting . Simply we have developed a total solution to manage manpower business. 

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Marketing/ Sales Automation Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Drive more traffic to your website!

To bring you onto this page means you’re not so happy to your website or business website’s SERP ranking. Now you’re looking for an affordable SEO service that can bring you more traffic to your site, so that you can get more leads and sales. 
You already know as Google become the search engine giant, more that 90% of your potential customers are looking for your service through search engines. As more customers hop in to your website means more growth!

  • Website Review
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Website Traffic Analysis
  • On page SEO
  • Original Content Writing
  • Reporting

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Boost your presence in social media!

Now a day’s people are spending more times in digital space than physical place. So when you’re planning to spread your brands name, why should your marketing strategy not include social media?
Over 3 billion people are now in online or digital media. Are you missing the chunk of growth opportunity when you’ve the scope to rule throughout the social media? 
3DEVs- digital media agency are here to rescue! We offer – 
  • Get customers attention at first place.
  • Increase customer interest by creating hipe!
  • Create desire to purchase immediately.
  • Take necessary action by customers that you’re expecting.

PPC Campaign Management

Get more conversion from your advertisement!

Setup your PPC campaign today and get sales instantly. 3DEVs Digital agency offers exclusive PPC campaign management packages where we help our clients to find strategic keywords for search engine marketing, bid management suggestions, help in PPC copywriting and performance reporting after completion of each campaign.
Types of PPC service- 

  • Search advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • Facebook remarketing
  • Google shopping ads
  • Google play ads

Content Development

Build trust to your targeted audience!

We all know that content is best possible way to get attention of your potential customers. 3DEVs digital agency will help you to finding proven ideation, planning and execution of creating great contents that just magnetize your desired customer to your landing page.
Content creation process-

  • Research
  • Ideation
  • Creation
  • Editing
  • Sharing
  • Monitoring and measuring

Mobile Marketing

Reveal new opportunity to get connected anytime, anywhere!

We live in the mobile first world, where most of our potential customers and handholding a mobile device. To reach out these perfect customers and creating a personalized marking solution for them mobile marketing is the obvious tool for modern marketiers. 
Many of us are now building mobile applications for our business to increase the visibility of our brand. To increase the visibility and ensuring continuous engagement you have to have a mobile marketing plan for the customer. 
So 3DEVs digital agency bring app store optimization service at your door step-

  • Keyword research for best matched app description.
  • Title, short description, image text and long description optimization.
  • Monitor & measure.
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IT Enabled Services (ITES)
Search Engine Optimization - SEO, Graphic design, Enterprise Content Management
Contact Person
Name Md. Shahid Ullah
Designation Chairman
Mobile 01711500254
E-mail [email protected]@3-devs.com
Company Profile