BASIS E-Commerce Alliance

BASIS E-Commerce Alliance
BASIS e-Commerce Alliance represents the e-Commerce community in Bangladesh. It is the key association representing companies selling products and/or services online to consumers in Bangladesh.
To enhance the interests and strengthen influence of e-commerce in Bangladesh through advocacy, communication and networking.
To develop the sector collectively, with the collaboration of a large number of members of the e-commerce community. The goal pursued by the association is to encourage the development of e-commerce, in substance and in practice, by means of various activities including:
  • - Participating in the development of e-commerce infrastructures;
  • - Establishing information and consultation mechanisms for members, conducting investigations and surveys, and drafting reports;
  • - Promoting the interests of members by lobbying public and public sector organizations whose activities are affected by e-commerce.
Growth in e-Commerce sector contains getting all key players in e-commerce in BASIS e-Commerce Alliance involved in establishing beneficial organizational structures.
INCREASE AWARENESS: BASIS e-Commerce Alliance works with the local media and other offline and online channels to promote the local e-Commerce industry. The association aims to increase the size of the pie for all local e-Commerce stakeholders. 

INSTILL CONFIDENCE: The Alliance will develop and maintain an accepted business standard in e-commerce sector so that the industry can develop and grow constantly. It will help businesses and consumers increase trust and confidence in e-commerce. The association intends to reduce fraudulent activities in e-commerce transactions drastically as well as to promote good business practices. 

IMPROVE SKILLS: BASIS e-Commerce Alliance provides its members with access to networking opportunities, roundtables, conferences, workshops, industry intelligence (survey and measurement reports) and links to useful third party resources. Develop and promote thought leadership and best practices for trusted e-commerce environment. 

PROMOTE ADVOCACY: BASIS e-Commerce Alliance speaks as a united voice representing the interests of its members. it represents the e-Commerce industry in all relevant opportunities to dialogue with government and other parties. 

LEGAL SUPPORT: BASIS e-Commerce Alliance helps eShops stay legally compliant, with respect to the ICT Act and the Consumer Act. The Alliance will publish regular updates to policy changes and legal obligations with specific focus on the consumer�s privacy and security. 

DIALOGUES WITH INTERNATIONAL STAKEHOLDERS: BASIS e-Commerce Alliance will provide a convenient and accessible point of contact for international players wishing to gain a clear understanding of the Bangladesh e-Commerce environment.
Requirement to be a BASIS E-Commerce Alliance Member
1. Any one with an E-Commerce based business can be a member of the BASIS E-Commerce Alliance. 
2. Legal existence of the business 
3. A working website of Facebook page 
4. Physical existence of the business is optional. 
5. Trade licence (To be submitted with the membership form) 
6. VAT/TIN Certificate (To be submitted with the membership form)
Membership process for BASIS E-Commerce Alliance
  • - Click here to Download the registration form
  • - Fill up the form
  • - Print the document in the official pad of your company
  • - Attach the Trade License and TIN certificate of your company
  • - Drop it off at the office of BASIS

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