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15 Jan 2019
BASIS EC Meets & Greets Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina
14 Jan 2019
Felicitation Program of Hon'ble ICT Ministers by BASIS, BCS, ISPAB, BACCO, e-CAB
19 Dec 2018
Extra-Ordinary General Meeting of BASIS Held
08 Dec 2018
BASIS is Proud to be Associated with NASA Space Apps Challenge 2018: This Year 2 Bangladeshi Projects have Clinched to Top 4!
22 Nov 2018
BASIS Felicitates it's Adviser Abdullah H. Kafi for getting ASOCIO Honorary Award
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Tap Tap Ants

Tap ants the ORIGINAL way. Save your food from hungry ants. Experience the classic, the game which started it all.

Over 15 million downloads & still growing. Download Tap Tap Ants & go get them in your iOS devices.


- Solved some tiny bugs

- Exciting and addictive gameplay

- Brand new music

- Changeable backgrounds

- Different types of food

- Bonus points for additional ant squishing

- Got a cramp? Fingers tired from tapping? No problem, you can pause the game anytime you want

- Submit your photo with the score

- Exciting Kids Mode

Game Official Site:

Highway Chase

You are a police sniper & your mission is to shoot thief cars from a helicopter. You must aim and time your shot perfectly to hit your targets within the allotted time frame while avoiding collateral damage to pass the given mission. It may seem easy, but timing the shot while avoiding civilians cars is quite challenging!

Rack up the bounty to gain access to more helicopters for more fun!

So what are you waiting for? Saddle up and test your shooting skills in this ultimate challenge!

How to Play

- Time the gun shoot within the given time line

- Avoid shooting civilian cars

- Avoid shooting pedestrian

- Take risky consecutive shots for bonus score

- Destroy thief cars before timer runs out to complete each stage


- Real life sound effects

- Scenic backgrounds

- Variety of Cars and Helicopters

- Multi-lingual support 

- High scores unlock helicopters

- Fast paced, Arcade style, Shoot-em-up

Game Official Site:

Rooftop Frenzy

Play a martial arts themed action game of epic proportions! 

You are a stickman Kung Fu master on a mission to rid your city of all evil. As you traverse through the urban rooftop landscape, run, punch, kick through all enemies that dare to face you. They maybe equipped with high end weaponry, but your arsenal of special combo moves is nothing to laugh at either. Use your moves wisely and at the right time to take down any and all enemies.

Make sure to time your jumps from one rooftop to other as well, and don’t fail your city!

How to Play

- Time your jump

- Avoid all kind of shots from enemies

- Avoid the obstacles on the roofs to go forward

- Play the tutorial mode to learn how to play this game


- Realistic sound effects

- Epic background landscape and music

- 9 different epic moves to choose from to take out your enemies

- Online player rankings

- Fast paced, Arcade style, Sidescrolling beat-em-up

Game Official Site:

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