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21 Jun 2018
Budget Meeting Took Place Between Finance Minister-ICT Minister-NBR Chairman-BASIS [ New ]
11 Jun 2018
BASIS Iftar & Doa Mahfil Held
10 Jun 2018
IT Associations Post Budget 2018-19 Reaction Organized by BASIS
02 Jun 2018
PPR Workshop for BASIS Members
26 May 2018
Workshop on Export Cash Incentive for BASIS Members
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Prism ERP is a Web Based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution which is flexible enough to run on any operating system. Prism ERP software is a complete solution that delivers outstanding value based on exceptional price/performance and functionality. Prism ERP has a rules based design to help many industries. Prism ERP is a complete end-to-end solution that includes Financials, Distribution (supply chain), Manufacturing and Customer Relationship Management. Prism ERP incorporates a suite of integrated products that enables you to move seamlessly between all facets of your business, from order management to the plant floor to distribution.

Product website :
Sphere Accounting
Sphere Accounting is a financial solution for your corporation. It is providing all inclusive components of standard accounting such as chart of accounts, account creation, journals, cashbook, general ledger, banking queries, details of all vouchers like credit, debit, sales, purchase, payment, receipt, contra, memo as well as user access management and advanced reports like trial balance, income statement, balance sheet etc. All transactions through sales, purchases, inventory etc. are integrated with Sphere Accounting, so each record will be journalized automatically. It will incorporate all of your transaction histories routinely. User-interactive Sphere Accounting makes more efficient your business processes, improves effectiveness and accuracy as well as makes transactions manageable.

Product Website :
LinesPay is payroll management system which will help you to make better strategic business policies and will provide the finest control over your employees & payroll management and its inborn work-flow processing that will help your organization to move in a dynamic and intelligent way. It deals with the financial aspects of employee's details, attendance & leave management, salary disbursement with payroll items & pay scale settings, pay formula definition, allowances, schedule & unscheduled payment, advance wages, loan calculation, automatic deduction of provident fund/Income tax from monthly salary etc. and generation of pay-slips for a specific period as well as all required advanced reports. This system has a user-friendly interface and the modules are integrated and interactive. It can be customized and upgraded easily to meet the needs of organizations of any dimension.

Product Website :
AccounticaVL is a one-stop business solution for any type of service providers. Now AccounticaVL gives you a magnificent and tremendous solution for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). AccounticaVL is a VoIP accounting software and has a robust set of features that would allow any type of user in the VoIP business chain to benefit from the latest technological advancement of the IT and business world alike. If you want to compact, manage and organized your business network from any portion of the world AccounticaVL is the simplest solution for your VoIP accounting. AccounticaVL also offers encryption and password-protection to ensure your privacy. It supports all global currencies thus no headache where your network grownup.Furthermore, if you are not overwhelmed by the features we are currently providing, our IT professionals can always add additional features, just for you, based on your business needs.

Product Website :
Core4VoIP (A Secure billing application) is introducing to you what can make your VoIPSwitch hack free and effortless. This billing software based on VoIPSwitch with the functionality of managing users to administrator level, including routing and active call management, reporting & much more. VoIPSwitch (developed by VoIPswitch company) is a telephony server application that runs on Windows operating system and server-grade hardware. The existing web applications having similar functionality contains security holes. Due to security issues with the current market applications, Core4VoIP Introduced a new interface (Developed using furinaPHP) which is hack free, compatible and faster.

For more info, please visit
Divine myMoney is a full-featured personal money management software package for the individuals. Whether you want to track, manage and organize your income, expenses, assets, liabilities, or track your portfolio and net worth, Divine myMoney is the simplest solution for you.
Divine myMoney’s simple, intuitive interface makes taking care of your finance a breeze. myMoney helps you to manage every aspect of your finances including checking, savings, credit cards, cash, investment, budget, and many more. myMoney makes it easy to set and trace budgets, and reminds you of upcoming bills to keep you up-to-date. myMoney also offers encryption and password-protection to ensure your privacy. It supports all global currencies. Best of all, its simple!!!

For more info, please visit
WEB Services
furinaPHP, an opensource MVC framework for deadline aware developers. furinaPHP helps you to

* Create working applications from scratch in mintues, not in weeks,
* yet ensure code quality.
* Lightweight, only 190KB unpacked !
* gives you fluent interface throughout.
* you can develop truly reusable components using relative import and configuration, view override feature

Developing applications have never been so easy!

For more info, please visit
Brokerage/Marchant Banking
Snowflakes is a Web-based BO (Beneficiary Owner) House Management System Application which manages investors investment process and transaction through a Brokerage House under the Stock Exchange. It is providing all-encompassing modules of maintaining investors information, Instruments, Stock Position, Trade functionalities, Order Placement Files, Margin Facilities, Market Price as well as very important required reports like, Confirmation Note, Portfolio Statement, Stock Status, Ledger Statement, Receipt & Payment Statement, CDBL Payin, CDBL Payout, Instrument Ledger etc. Snowflakes different Admin module and Client Interface have made its versatile usability for the investors as well as brokerage house personnel.
Centroid LC
Centroid LC is LC Management System which will help you to manage your foreign trades in an organized way. Centroid manages all kind of transactions like - Payment, Receive, Delivery & relevant LC Expenditure inside every individual LC. Centroid supports multiple currency system along with converting it into the base currency. Centroid manages all kind of Currency fluctuations with reporting fluctuation gain or loss amount. This is facilitating all commercial tasks of the Master LC and Back to Back LC with relevant transactions from the receiving of an order to the shipment of that order. Centroid manages all kind of LC related documents like Sampling, Work Order, PI, CI & Packing in a organized way. This LC Management System provides your required all constituents and advanced reports to assess and accomplish your globally organized business progression.
CubeCRM is Customer relationship management which will help you to manage your potential customers as well as existing clients portfolio. CubeCRM is a widely-implemented strategy for managing a companys interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects.
It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes principally sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service, and technical support. The overall goals are to find, attract, and win new clients, nurture and retain those the company already has, entice former clients back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing and client service.
Circle Inventory
Supply Chain/Inventory
Circle Inventory is a trustworthy inventory management system which will help you to manage your manufacturing inventory in accurate and dependable way. 'circle inventory' offering both inventory management of raw materials and inventory management of finished products. From the beginning of purchasing raw materials, different inventory accounts for different items and products, new products addition with cost and vat as well as other charges of the specific product, unit of measurement, products transfer from account to account, opening inventory management, automatic deduction of products after outflow or transfer products to the production level and produce finished products; these lomg process is maintained through the software.

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Centroid LC
Accounting & Finance
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Sphere Accounting
Accounting & Finance
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Human Resource Management
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