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21 May 2018
Hon'ble Finance Minister-BASIS Pre Budget Meeting Took Place
14 May 2018
BASIS Launched App on Bangabandhu Satellite-1
18 Apr 2018
BASIS-CPTU Meeting Held
08 Apr 2018
BASIS Executive Council’s Installation Ceremony Held
02 Apr 2018
Syed Almas Kabir is the New President of BASIS
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Distribution and Sales Management Software (BONTON)
Marketing/ Sales Automation

Solution Summary:

  • Sales Operation Automation via Mobile Devices.

  • Salesman, Merchandising, Field Force & Training Automation


Solutions designed for complex, high-volume distribution

Distribution management solutions give you real visibility and control over even the most complex distribution operations.

Distribution softwareallows you to penetrate new markets, maintain customer loyalty, and improve your ability to serve your existing customers. Distribution Software suite will help you make informed buying and selling decisions, improve stock accuracy, save money, and ensure future profitability.

  • Integrate and automate your distribution management

  • Increase your supply chain visibility

  • Reduce costs and increase margins

  • Manage inventory across multiple locations

  • Integrate scales and other hardware

  • Attach regulatory and compliance reports

Inventory Management:

  • Set up as many locations as needed for each inventory item. All detail is maintained for each, including quantities and valuation, costs, and prices.

  • Create and maintain lot and IMEI numbers for those item types.

  • Transfer item quantities to different locations as needed

  • Increase or decrease item quantities as needed to correct inventory situations. Quantities are updated immediately and adjustments are saved to history.

  • Post goods received immediately as you enter them.

  • Track Products.

Order Management:

  • Send invoices, statements, order acknowledgements, and quotes in the format the customer prefers (email, paper, or fax). Print an internal copy of the invoice or statement even though customer copies may have been emailed

  • Easily create new orders and copy from existing orders in history; simply view the different transactions posted to history, select one that matches current order information, and create a new order from it.

  • Print invoices in the customer currency or the company base currency, based on the customer’s preference.

  • Use prices that are calculated based on customer level, order quantity, special promotions, or customer specific prices for items. Prices can be calculated based on markups from cost or markdowns from average, list, base or calculated prices.

  • Generate transaction numbers (Order ID, Invoice NO and Challan NO) automatically or manually.

  • Track sales and returns of items by IMEI number.

Warehouse Management:

  • When new inventory items arrive in your warehouse, orders are recorded as they come in.

  • Print a report of item quantities to help you determine how best to satisfy item demand.

  • Get more accurate accounting by assigning the costs of transit to either the source or destination location when transferring items between locations.

  • Enter adjustments to inventory item quantities due to loss, breakage, or accidental over-shipments.


Miscellanies Features:

  • Manage products with IMEI, Item Code, pricing, tax information etc.

  • Sales Force Automation- Manage prospects and track the progress on prospects, total opportunity evaluation, manage sales funnel, etc.

  • Manage Retailer information with contact details, discount information, etc.

  • Manage Invoice & Challan with Apps.

  • Manage purchase orders (Sales Orders).

  • Schedule orders for sales forecasting.

  • Manage forecasting.

  • Generate dispatch advice.

  • Manage export orders

  • MIS Reports – Generate MIS reports based on the data. It has many pre-defined reports to meet your requirement like Order History, Order Status, Customer Dashboard, Communication Details etc.

  • Sales Management Software that help you manage better


Admin Panel Features:

1.      User Management

  • User Registration

  • Sales Officer Registration

  • User Password Reset

         2. Distributor Registration

  • Retailer

  • Re-Distributor

         3. Sales Officer

  • Setup SO Route

  • Setup Route Details

  • Setup Route Details Delete

  • SO Visit Plan Setup

         4. Stock Management

  • Create Stock Category

  • Insert Stock Item

  • POSM Master

  • POSM Details

  • Set Retailer Norms

  • Set Re-Distributor Norms

  • Insert Retailer Stock Unit

  • Insert Retailer Stock Details

  • Insert Redistributor Stock Unit

  • Insert Redistributor Stock Details


  • Create Promotion

  • Setup Promotion Details

       6. Sales Procedure

  • Add Order

  • Allocate Order

  • Create Invoice

  • Create Challan

  • Money Receipt

  • Stock Return

       7. Reports

  • SO Visit Track Report

  • SO Visit Plan Report

  • Daily Sales Detail Report

  • Order Report

  • Market Demand Report

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