Mediasoft Data Systems Ltd
Company Name Mediasoft Data Systems Ltd
BASIS Membership No. G159
Short Profile
With more than 16 years of industry experience, We, Mediasoft, have developed a range of software products & solutions especially focusing on retail industries and thus helping clients to meet the unique requirements that exist within the business process arena. Our products are conveniently available on multiple, scalable platforms with e-Business compatibility. Mediasoft ensures the effective and functional systems which are essential for productive and efficient operations that are key elements in the success and growth of any business in a highly competitive environment.
Year of establishment January 1998
Address BDBL Bhaban (5th Floor), 12 Kawran Bazar, Dhaka - 1215
Contact No. Phone: 9134045, 8143896 Fax: 8142750
Company website
Organizationís head in Bangladesh Gopal Debanath
Designation Managing Director
Mobile/Direct Phone 01713013979, 9134045
Legal Structure of the Company Private limited
Industry Expertise
Order of Expertise Industry Number of clients Remark
1st Expertise Retail/Wholesale/Distribution 500
2nd Expertise Manufacturing/Engineering 20
3rd Expertise E-commerce 10
4th Expertise Pharmaceuticals 3
5th Expertise Garments & Textile 4
Language/ Tools
Java, Javascript, CSS, Ajax, ASP, .NET, Joomla, MS SQL, MySQL, PHP, VB, XML, C#
Mobile Platform
Software Developers Experience
Expertise Number of installations Some Clients
Accounting & Finance 150 Dhaka Tobacco, Akij Biri, Adcom, HRC
E-Commerce 12 Apex Online, Tangail Sharee Kutir
Mobile Application 5 Dutch Club, Swapno, DSS, Coopers Food, Cycle Life
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 2 Akhtar Furniture, Coopers Bakery
POS 500 Gallerie Apex, Yellow,Almas, TexMart, Infinity, CSD
Partnering Information
Partner Name Partnership level Description
Mr. Edward Gomes website
BEXIMCO Textiles Project POS setup in Pakistam
Human resources Information
Total number of HR 32
IT Resources 26
ITES resources 1
Contact Person
Name Mr. Gopal Debnath
Designation Managing Director
Mobile 01713013979
Success Story
Mediasoft is the largest retail solution provider in Bangladesh. We are the unique solution provider in Superstore, Fashion Store, Shopping Mall, Footwear Retail, Bakery ERP, Furniture ERP etc. Being the long term development and service partnering with the client make us successful in the retail sector.
Some of our clients have been using our software for 17 years. Almas Supershop, Ecstacy, Trust Family Needs, Yellow, Kumudini etc. among them. 100 more customers are using software for 12-15 years which includes Gallerie Apex, CSD, TexMart, Lavendar Superstore etc. Retaining long term relationship providing best support to grow them faster makes us feel successful.