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18 Jun 2012
BTRC declines to pay tax to NBR

Telecom regulator has refused to pay tax to the National Board of Revenue (NBR) saying that it collects only 'non-tax revenue' on behalf of the government and it has no other extra income.

In a recent letter, the NBR said the telecom authority is required to pay taxes as it was taxable entity under provision 184F of the ordinance, and requested it to take tax identification number (TIN) and pay taxes to avert any untoward situation.

Chairman of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) Zia Ahmed told the FE Sunday that he had requested the NBR to review its demand relating to the payment of income tax at the rate of 37.5 per cent on its net income.

The NBR made the demand treating the BTRC as a 'local authority' though it is a 'Statutory Public Authority,' he mentioned.

The commission filed an appeal to the law ministry to review the NBR decision and exempt it from tax.

"Section 21 (4) of the Telecommunications Act has exempted the regulatory body from payment of taxes, as BTRC operates under the special act," contended the Chairman.

The section 21 (4) of the Act said the commission would deposit the surplus money to the national exchequer after meeting its expenditure.

According to the NBR letter, the BTRC is to pay nearly Tk 25 billion as income tax for 2011-12. The collection of non-tax revenue from telecom sector by the BTRC stood at more than Tk 60 billion during the year.

Zia Ahmed, however, suspected that transaction between the BTRC and the NBR would create scopes for 'system loss'.



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