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25 Apr 2012
BTRC sits with gateway operators today
The telecom regulator sits today (Wednesday) with the gateway operators, both existing and new ones, to discuss balanced distribution of traffic for international voice call transmission and bandwidth services.

The authority took the initiative for holding dialogue in order to changing some conditions of international gateway operation and ensuring quality services, following the issuance of 78 new licences in three categories, including 22 international gateways (IGWs), 22 interconnection exchanges (ICXs), and 34 international internet gateways (IIGs).

At present four IGWs, three ICXs, and two IIGs are in operation in the country. IGWs deal with international call transfer, ICXs provide interconnectivity service, and IIGs sell bandwidth to different Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Chairman of the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) Zia Ahmed told the FE recently: "We will inform the operators about some decisions relating to their operation after our consultation with them."

The BTRC will ensure balanced distribution of 90 per cent calls among the operators, and distribution of the rest will depend on the desire of the Access Network Services (ANS) desire, he added.

The telecom regulator was supposed to sit with the gateway operators Monday, but the meeting was not held due to the BNP-called countrywide general strike, the regulatory sources said.

The BTRC chairman said the commission will not compromise on the quality service and proper network. That is why the Commission will properly inform the operators of their duties and responsibilities.

The telecom authority has conducted a market survey on the gateway services, and found that the monitoring on its part will be difficult for a large number of operators.

Mr. Ahmed also added that the regulator will set up a device at its office to monitor the operators' service.

The new licenses have been issued for 15 years, and upon expiry of the initial term, these can be renewed for subsequent terms, each of five years, subject to the BTRC's approval.


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