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16 Jul 2018
BASIS Students Forum Initiative Dhaka University Career Fest Kicks Off [ New ]
15 Jul 2018
BASIS Football World Cup Mania 2018: App Contest Prize Giving Ceremony [ New ]
10 Jul 2018
Breakfast Meeting Held Between BASIS EC-Standing Committee Chairman's, Focus Groups & Forum's Conveners [ New ]
09 Jul 2018
BASIS-Business Automation One Stop Service MoU Signed
09 Jul 2018
BASIS-SSL Wireless Limited Agreement Signed
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Current News
The 19th Laptop Fair started
14 Dec 2017
The first National ICT Day is Celebrated
12 Dec 2017
APICTA Awards Dhaka 2017 ended with a Prize Distribution Ceremony
10 Dec 2017
APICTA Youth Carnival held in Digital World 2017
09 Dec 2017
Bangladeshi colorful culture emerged in the Bangladesh Night of APICTA Awards
08 Dec 2017
The 17th Apicta Awards Dhaka 2017 Kicked Off
07 Dec 2017
Mustafa Jabbar wins Lifetime Achievement Award of WUB
18 Nov 2017
BASIS is interested in organizing Kids Programming Contest
04 Nov 2017
Digital Skills Needed in the use of Digital Technology
03 Nov 2017
Extra-Ordinary General Meeting of BASIS Held
01 Nov 2017
Without a digital skill, Getting Job is impossible: Mustafa Jabbar
31 Oct 2017
UPS is interested to work in the Development of Human Resources in Bangladesh
31 Oct 2017
BASIS's day-Long Discussion were held in the Formulation of e-governance Policy
28 Oct 2017
The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism Assures Assistance in Organizing APICTA Awards
25 Oct 2017
BASIS-PUM Meeting held
25 Oct 2017
BASIS president urges Investment in Bangladesh's IT sector
23 Oct 2017
Bangladesh's IT sector is Investment-Friendly and Promising
19 Oct 2017
BASIS and A2i will work Jointly with the Government of Bangladesh
18 Oct 2017
BASIS and IIAB will Work Jointly in Internal Audit
17 Oct 2017
Proper Research is Necessary for the Development of ICT sector”
20 Aug 2017
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