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CSR in the ICT- software industry
What means "CSR in the ICT industry". The beauty of working with CSR in the ICT industry is that the industry can help the world with CSR because of the nature of its work – the technology behind. Using software can result in reduction in use of energy, in Co2 and other resources. In addition the companies can implement individual CSR policies/initiatives which will improve the lives of its employees and the surrounding society.

In the Software industry the key critical CSR issues are:
  • Labour
  • Health and Safety
  • Environment
  • Management System
  • Ethics
There are yet no industry standards for the software industry but this is also the case for many other industries. It is therefore necessary to use the general compliance standards and best practice from companies in the industry (see more here: LINKS). Fortunately there is a code for “ICT companies” which covers software. The Code of Conduct provides guidelines for performance and compliance with critical CSR policies. EICC provides tools to audit compliance with the code, and helps companies report progress. The EICC Code of Conduct encourages broad adoption of CSR best practices by all ICT companies and suppliers. (See more here “INDUSTRY CODES”)

The use of CSR in the industry in growing steeply and more and more companies recognize CSR/sustainability initiatives as a critical aspect of the business. A proof is that a large part of the worlds leading IT companies have CSR policies/initiatives and they include much more than donations and H&S CSR is becoming an important part of the strategy. See examples of CSR Policies of IT companies (see more here: LINK)

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