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Industry CSR Codes and standards
There are no CSR Codes for the software industry alone. However EICC (Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition) has made codes for the “ITC Industry” which covers the industry and is the “best choice” at the moment. Furthermore, it is a good step in the right direction. Some sections of the codes will have to be left out as they purely consider “hardware”. The EICC Code of Conduct encourages broad adoption of CSR best practices by all ICT companies and suppliers. Apart from EICC another set of important codes are “Global Compact” made by UN. Global Compact is strategic platform for participants to advance their commitments to sustainability and corporate citizenship ot is known in more than 130 countries and has (primo 2011) more than 8,000 participants. It is a very good place to start the CSR initiatives. There is not doubt that the platform of Global Compact, its influence and peoples awareness of the platform – worldwide – is increasing rapidly. We recommend you to look at Global Compact.

Apart from the above another interesting initiative in the sector is Global E-sustainability Initiative (GeSI). GeSI was established already in 2001 to further sustainable development in the ICT sector. GeSI fosters global and voluntary actions to improve their sustainability performance, and promotes technologies that foster sustainable development. GeSI brings together leading ICT companies – including telecommunications service providers and manufacturers as well as industry associations – and non-governmental organisations committed to achieving sustainability objectives through innovative technology (see more:.

Among other initiatives are for example the Green outsourcing charter. The idea is to encourage IT users to take some eco-responsibility when IT is outsourced.
The EICC Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct provides guidelines for performance and compliance with critical CSR policies. EICC provides tools to audit compliance with the code, and helps companies report progress:
Any company may voluntarily adopt the EICC Code of Conduct. Adoption steps:
  • identify interest
  • Obtain management commitment
  • Train staff
  • Establish and promote the Code of Conduct
  • Integrate the Code of Conduct into procurement processes
  • Emphasize continuous improvement
  • Work with EICC to standardize industry tools
Focus Areas
The Code of Conduct provides guidance in five critical areas of CSR performance:
  • Labor
  • Health and Safety
  • Environment
  • Management System
  • Ethics
Link: http://www.eicc.info/EICC%20CODE.htm

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